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DOMUS, which derived from Latin that means house or home. DOMUS was founded in 2004. In the beginning, DOMUS sold mainly imported furniture and home decorations. In the year 0f 2005, DOMUS started producing our own furniture line up with supports from our skilled and experienced wood craftsmen with decades of experience in furniture making. DOMUS also has design team that experienced in interior design and architectural design.

On June 2011, DOMUS moved to a new store in Jl. Sonokembang No.1, Surabaya. We launched our new product line up for kids and babies under the brand of domus petite at the same time.

One of the reasons we move is because the old store has a classical architecture; and people often get mistaken thinking that we only sell classic furniture. That is why the new store has both american classical architecture combined with modern architecture.

Domus Front View

In the new store, we totally revamped the items that we carry and produce. We do not stick to only one style. Our style is an eclectic We blend different furnishing styles from a mixture of sources and time periods. We plan carefully to create harmony within the design. A shared theme or component must tie everything together.

We carry huge selections of items and change them very often. Every item that we sell or produce is of limited quantity, because we want your home to be different from other people’s home.

Our goal is to collaborate with our clients to turn their dream home into reality. This is the idea at the heart of everything DOMUS does, from products selection, products design, and product quality. We are looking forward to your visit. We will gladly assist you in your quest of creating your dream home.