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DeRitz Bridal House

A wedding is a sacred thing and one of the most beautiful moment in your life. We are proud to be selected by our client to design their new Bridal House. Located in the west part of Surabaya, The Bridal House is a two story building with spacious Wedding dress fitting room (Mirror in every angle of the room, so you will not miss the details of your wedding dress), make up areas, and wedding dress gallery.

We used white colored wall panelings to accentuate traditional white wedding dress and
dark colored wood to add warmth to the gallery. The platform to ceiling mirrors everywhere are very useful to see how the wedding dress fits you perfectly. Everywhere you look you see yourself in your stunning wedding dress.

In the Make Up area, we painted the mirror frame with high gloss black paint to add glamour.
We hope that the white wall panelings combined with high gloss black paint will add more drama to the make up performed by the make-up artists.

In the second Make Up area, we used a glamour wallpaper covering to differentiate this area from the previous Make Up area while still using the high gloss black paint for the mirror.

We totally love the chandelier hanging above the gallery. We used a laser cut wall divider to enhance the beauty of the chandelier.

Overall, we are very satisfied with how things turn out. The bridal house looks glamourous while still feel very welcoming.